• 0.006" Saw Blades

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    Our custom made Ringinator® brand saw blades. 

    1.5" OD x 0.5" ID x 0.006" thick

    Made in the USA, High Speed Steel Saw blades. 140 teeth. Can be used to cut any metal. For thin material (0.035"/0.8mm and smaller) 188 tooth blades work best.
    For details and speeds, please see the "Info" page. 

    Multi-packs available. The more you buy the more you save.

    Changing the size/quantity in the drop down menus above will adjust the prices accordingly.

    We constantly make blades. If something says out of stock, you can still order it, but there may be a 1-3 week delay before your order ships. We can split your order and ship in stock items now, and the remaining later.


  • 0.006" Saw Blades
  • 0.006" Saw Blades
  • 0.006" Saw Blades

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