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    I have been making tools, rings, and chainmail since 2001. 

    As a special thank you to the community and to all those interested in chainmail, I am sending out a free starter bag, with a sample of our high quality saw cut Made in Minnesota jump rings. Enough rings to actually make something, along with a sheet on what chainmail is, with instructions on how to get started making it. All you need is two pliers.

    Perfect for newbies.

    And while the rings are indeed free, I mean it; You just need to cover the cost of postage. Over a thousand of you have taken me up on this so far, and I can't afford to keep covering the postage. Especially the internationals, that gets expensive fast...


    Limit one freebie per person and/or household. If you order more than one, I will only ship you one, and spend the rest on beer ;) If you need more than one, for say, your scout troop, comic book shop, or gaming group, email me. 
    Contains small items not suitable for children under 13. 
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  • FREE Rings
  • FREE Rings
  • FREE Rings

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