• Monthly Shirt Package

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  • Description

    The average shirt takes around 50,000 of the 3/16" rings to make. Thats about 80-100 hours of weaving time, depending on how fast you weave. Using slightly thicker and larger rings drops that number to 12,000 rings, 20-30 hours.

    It sounds daunting to weave that many rings, but when you spread it out over some time, it is easily achievable. Keep up with weaving, and in a short time you will have a whole shirt completed!

    Tiny - 9500 rings per bag. Extra small rings, 0.047", 1.2mm wire with a 5/32" ID. Will take the longest to weave. Feels amazing to the touch. 7600 rings per square foot.

    Small - 8200 rings per bag. 0.047", 1.2mm wire, with a 3/16" ID. 5300 rings per square foot.

    Medium - 3500 rings per bag. 0.063" 1.6mm wire with 1/4" ID. Most popular size. Looks and feels fantastic. 3100 rings per square foot.

    Large - 3000 rings per bag. 0.063" 1.6mm wire with 5/16" ID. Slightly larger. Average shirt only takes 12000 rings. 1800 rings per square foot.


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