What is the smallest ring size the Ringinator will cut?
- The smallest is a coil with an outer diameter of 0.14″ (3.5mm).

What is the largest size ring the Ringinator will cut?
 - The maximum depends on the size blade used. Rings larger than 12" can be cut.

What type of drill do I need to use the Ringinator EZ?
- It depends on what you plan on cutting. For cutting hard metals that need slow speeds it is best to use a drill that has a slow max speed. It is easier to slow down a 900rpm drill to 200rpm, than a 3600rpm drill to 200rpm. If you plan on cutting stainless steel or titanium, get a right angle drill. They make massive torque at low speeds and work great.

How long do the blades last?
 - For a detailed answer see the "Info" page.

How does the Ringinator adjust so different sizes of jump rings can be cut?
- There is an adjustable plastic plate on top that moves up/down depending on the size coil you are cutting. You fiddle with the 4 knobs on top.

Does the Ringinator cut metric sizes of jump rings?
 - Yes. It is adjustable to cut almost any size ring.

Can the Ringinator cut oval, triangular, square, or non-round shaped jump rings?
- Yes.

Do you ship to ____? How much will it cost?
- To find out, click "add to cart" on the items you are interested in. In the cart you will find a shipping cost calculator.

Do you accept Bitcoins?
- Yes. Prices are listed in USD, and the shopping cart does the BTC/USD conversion upon checkout based on the current market price.

Do jump rings come out of the Ringinator looking smoothly cut? What about burrs?
- Burrs are due to the blade "pushing" the metal aside, rather than cutting it into fine metal dust and removing it. Using sharp blades, lubrication, and correct speeds; you can get nice burr-free rings. Where the Ringinator excels is in repeatability. Once you use a setting or method that works for you, it can be used over and over again with similar results.

Why do some people say that the blades last the time/pounds of metal listed on your website and others say that don't last nearly that long? They say they are doing everything right and detail out how they set it up point by point (this is from an online forum).
- It all comes down to the wire being used. One person cutting super soft wire will get different results than another person cutting super hard wire; yet both are cutting "stainless". So in truth they're both correct. YMMV.


I would really like to see an in-depth post about all the things you'll need that aren't included, as well as space requirements. I'd love to have one, but I live in an apartment. Am I going to be able to use one?

To go from unpacking to using you would need:

  • a clamp to hold it down to your table
  • a drill
  • a hose clamp or large zip ties to hold the drill to the frame
  • water soluble lubrication
  • a small adjustable wrench
  • a towel
  • some container for the cut rings
  • coils to cut
  • extra blades
  • If you are outside the USA, a power adapter for the pump. It runs on 120v and only draws 3w. So you can use a cheap touristy cell phone travel transformer.

All the hardware and parts to set it up is included in the kit, the 3 sizes of hex keys for the socket head bolts are included.

As for size, it's a tabletop unit. You need a space maybe 3ft wide and 1-2ft deep to comfortably use it. When you're done, it comes apart, so you can store it in a small box. As for noise, that all depends on how loud your drill is.

Do you sell jump rings?

We have been making jump rings since around 2005 
Lots, and lots, and lots of jump rings.
We have invented robots, machines, tools, and processes, to make excellent quality jump rings.

If you need something, we can custom make it. We deal in large quantities of wholesale, bulk, jump rings.  It's our specialty. From brass rings for fly-fishing jigs, to bright aluminum rings for kits, we can make it. 

Bright Aluminum rings. Saw cut, washed, and polished. For other sizes or diameters please email.

Size Rings/lb
16ga 5/16" ~3100
16ga 1/4" ~3700
18g 5/16" ~5200
18g 1/4" ~6400
 18g 3/16" ~8200
18g 5/32" ~9600