How it works.

What are jump rings?

16ga copper coils cut like butter on the Ringinator

Jump rings are created from long lengths of wire. The wire is wrapped around a mandrel to make spring-like coils.
The resulting coils are then cut using a jeweler's saw. This creates a superior jump ring that closes smoothly and neatly. These can be used to attach charms to bracelets, build chains for jewelry, or simply to attach clasps.

Jump rings are also used in the art of Chain Mail to create jewelry, clothing, and many other fun items.


 How the Ringinator® works.

The saw blade eating away at 12ga brass.The kerf on the rings is tiny! Only 0.006What the Ringinator® does is take these long coils and using a precision jewelers saw, cuts them right down the center to create individual jump rings with perfectly flush cut ends. In any metal, including stainless steel and titanium.



The Ringinator® EZ is the jump ring cutting machine you have been looking for. It is a simple and compact design almost anyone can use.


This was filmed by Art Jewelry at our booth at the 2014 Bead & Button show.
See the rest of the review in the September 2014 issue of Art Jewelry magazine.



• Use an electric drill to power it. (Drill not included, use 3/8" or larger)
A built in bracket keeps it secure and completely hands free. All you have to do is plug the drill in to the speed controller, lock the trigger to "on", and then adjust the speed. The speed controller in effect replaces the trigger of the drill. So instead of adjusting the speed using the trigger, you plug the drill into the controller and use a knob. In combination with the included laser tachometer, you can get perfect repeatability in cuts over time.

• Exact speed control.
The key to quality is repeatability. To eliminate all guesswork we include a laser tachometer that will allow you to measure in real-time the exact RPM speed the drill is going, with the push of a button. Using the laser and the speed controller, you can get repeatable results time after time.

• Titanium!
You are not limited to only cutting soft metals like copper or aluminum. With the Ringinator® you can cut even the hardest of Stainless Steel, Titanium, and even challenging metals like Niobium or Argentium. This takes skill. Before attempting, start off with aluminum, brass, or copper, and learn how to use the machine using "easy" metals.

• Speed
You simply feed in coil after coil. As many as you want, in any length you want. Unlike other tools, you are not limited to one length coil; and you don't have to take half the tool apart between coils.

• No vibrations
Connecting a drill directly to the cutting shaft transfers any vibration or wobble from the drill directly to the blade, causing issues. We solved that using a custom flexible power coupler to attach the drill to the blade. This powers the cutting blade without transferring any vibrations from the drill.

• Cordless cutting
Hook up a cordless drill and cut rings anywhere you want! At shows, craft fairs, clubs, demonstrations, think of the possibilities. People love seeing stuff being made. (Note: The speed controller does not work with cordless drills.)

• Lubrication
A saw blade with metal welded to it. The Ringinator liquid cooling eliminates this problem.Without lubrication the blade can get too hot. This heat causes the material to become soft and weld to the teeth. (See image at right) To cut metal you need to use constant lubrication. This keeps the blade cool, keeps the metal cool, and helps it cut faster.

The included low-flow pump provides a constant stream of coolant/lubricant directly to the blade. The blade sits inside an enclosure that has coolant constantly flowing into it. This keeps it submerged in lubricant at all times. Underneath is a small catch basin where the cutting dust and overflow fluid collect to settle; the fluid is then pumped again for re-use. Using a water soluble cutting oil works best. After all your rings are cut you can just rinse them with warm water and all the oil washes away; leaving you with clean ready to use rings.

Unlike other tools, built in lubrication is another unique feature found only on the Ringinator®

Bonus: The lubrication system allows for almost 100% collection of the cutting dust. That means that when cutting precious metals, like silver and gold, you have next to no loss. Also, you can collect the cutting dust and sell it by the gram as "fairy dust" or "real metal glitter". This can earn you considerably more than you would get by simply returning it for re-smelting. Customers love that kind of stuff, and it is a great complimentary product.

• Small size
As we all know, no matter how big your studio is table space is always at a premium. The footprint of the Ringinator® EZ is very small, taking up a minimum of space. With the drill removed, it is also under 6" in height, so it is easy to store when not in use. 

The Ringinator® is CNC machined out of aerospace grade 6061-T6 Aluminum. 

Cut even tiny rings.


The smallest coil that can cut is 22g wire with a 3/32"ID (total OD = 0.14" (3.5mm)). Unmodified, the largest it will cut is coils with a 2" OD (50mm). It will cut almost any thickness wire, in almost any material.

The blade guiding groove accomplishes the job of lining up the coil and supporting it while it is being cut by the blade, and is a unique feature available only on the Ringinator®.


If you use a lot of jump rings the Ringinator® pays for itself in a very short amount of time. No need to keep large amounts of different sizes on hand anymore. You just need to keep a small amount of wire in stock and your favorite size mandrels. A pound of 20 gauge high quality shiny stainless steel wire can be bought for as low as $10. That same pound in jump rings ordered from a Catalog, Website, or Bead Store, would cost you hundreds.

Save money!

Make just a few pounds of rings and you more than made up the cost of the machine. In addition to the cost savings, you also have the freedom to saw cut any size ring you want, in any amount. Whether you need 50 rings or 50 pounds, you have the option available. And you don't have to wait for items to be shipped, or worry about transit times or unforeseen fees.

Comparison of saving by making your own rings, versus buying saw cut equivalent from a large mail-order supplier:
 (Prices are per pound of rings.)

Saw Cut Bright Aluminum 16ga 1/4"  ID -- US$22.40 -- Save: $15
 Saw Cut Bright Aluminum 18ga 3/16" ID -- US$28.80 -- Save: $21
 Saw Cut Bright Aluminum 20ga 1/8"  ID -- US$87.84 -- Save: $80

Aluminum wire in most sizes is $7 a pound.

Niobium - 18 ga 3/16" ID -- US$205.28 -- Save: $60
 Niobium - 20 ga 1/8" ID -- US$204.48 -- Save: $59

Niobium wire is around $145 a pound.

Saw Cut Jewelers Brass 20ga 1/8" ID -- US$41.60 -- Save: $26

20g Jewelers Brass wire is $15 a pound.

Local bead stores sell jump rings at $0.05 to $0.25 each. That adds up fast.

Can you afford to buy a Ringinator®? How can you afford not to!

Make your own rings - How much are you spending in rings every month? Good chance it is more than a credit card payment would be.

Labor cost goes down - Your least expensive employees become the most productive. Less than the cost of one $10/hr employee, with a useful life of years.

Speed up turnaround - No waiting for vendors or shipping. Reduce inventory. Increase production. Increase selection.

Manufacture unique sizes - Sizes not cost effective to produce any other way.

Tax Shelter - Ask your CPA about IRS Tax Code Section 179 Federal Income Tax Deduction, which allows you to deduct up to $139,000 in equipment purchases. Section 179 allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of certain assets. Accelerating depreciation rather than spreading the deduction over the item’s useful life provides a larger tax deduction. (See IRS Form 4562)

• If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! •

This is a video we posted on YouTube showing one the tests we did with aluminum. Coils are 1/16" aluminum wire, with a 5/16" ID. In this test it cut over 2000 rings in under a minute.

One customer told us that by buying in bulk he was paying 2 cents a ring at his local bead store. When he saw this video he almost cried. For what took us a minute and $3 worth of wire, he was paying over $40 for. After buying an EZ he now makes and sells jump rings to the bead store.

Customer Testimonials

Have a testimonial or review of the Ringinator? Let us know!.

Ian K. in California:
When you go cheap you end up spending more money in the long run. I found that out. you end up paying twice as much because by the time you invested $400 into trying to make a quality tool, you could have bought another system for that price and not had to deal with trying to R&D it yourself. I was going thru 17 dollar blades about every 10 coils if I was lucky, I bought the ringinater EZ and have yet to even lose a tooth in the original blade and I have cut over 50k rings on it.

Heinrich in Germany 

Well I have an engineering background, and own an original, as well as a (not yet mounted) newest-generation Ringinator that I recently got. And I see how well designed it is, and *can* imagine how much sweat and effort have flown into the design - especially as I did some design changes of my old one, on my own, and know that similar or even better solutions can be found now in the newer generation models.
So in my opinion it is worth EVERY PENNY spent on it - for anybody who needs larger amounts of rings, and so has the cost aspect in the foreground. But it's also the device for the mailler who simply wants to become independent of sometimes unreliable ring suppliers, to have maximum control over ring quality by having full control over as much as possible of the ring making process, from raw material selection to final product treatment. And last but not least: If a mailler's requirements fit at least halfways in at least one of the two categories above, here is also the freedom given, to make commercially unavailable ring types, in larger amounts.
I did NEVER rue to have got one..

Mike D.
Best thing I ever used for cutting aluminium, brass, copper and bronze. In one hour I can cut the same amount of rings that would normally take me three days cutting by hand...and No Blisters!!! 

Ian P. in Australia:
The Ringinator is beautifully engineered. Major kudos on the design and the engineering.

Julia in England:
Hi Martin, We wanted to say how impressed we are with the speed and accuracy and quality of the cut the Ringinator provides. Having used other cutting machines, yours is The Best! 

Sergeant Chad in Iraq:
I got the ringinator about 8 days after you sent it. It got here fine and works well. I really like being able to cut my own rings!!! Wow, that is a great product you've got. 
Thanks again and I look forward to more cutting. THANK YOU

Charles from Florida:
I received my ringinator a couple of weeks ago and was absolutely amazed how well it cut the aluminum and copper that I have been using. The cuts are so precise that when closed you can hardly tell where the cut is. 

Chubbs in Canada:
I bought a Ringinator and love it, it speeds up my cutting time from 2hrs/coil to <5min/coil for most 'soft' metals Infact... I think I cut 3 coils of copper this morning in <5min :D I love my Ringinator.

James in Pennsylvania:
I just wanted to take the time to let you know I received the Ringinator Jr. today with the 2 pulleys. I got everything setup and it is cutting the stainless steel like my flexshaft cuts silver. I have it working well and have already cut about 25 feet of 18g stainless steel 3.5mmID rings. I am very pleased.

Robert in Arizona:
I have to build up stock for my first renfair booth this coming Feb. Over 40 weaves, and so many required ring sizes that it is cheaper to buy the Ringinator and wire that to buy rings....
Anyway, thank you for designing and building the Ringinator. I'm sure it will save me a ton of cash.

Troy in Massachusetts:
This thing is great I got one, and I think it is the best investment as far as mail supplies go. Now I have access to any size ring at any time. It cuts rings like butter.

Lou in California
The design looks so simple and easy to make, so I built one out of wood and plastic. After breaking 6 blades and only cutting a couple hundred rings I gave up and bought the Ringinator. Best decision yet! This is a rock solid tool. Still using the blade it came with, and its cut tons of rings! Well worth the cost.

Deborah R.
I was tired of breaking blades using the standard cutters. I had seen the Ringinator videos and was thinking about it as I went through about 30.00 worth of blades one weekend and I decided I needed the Ringinator ! well the ringinator made it easy and produced quality cuts – I even made a YouTube showing how easy it was. Again the most amazing tool that is well worth the investment. A Must have for any studio

Stephen T.
Greetings, I got an EZ model recently and LOVE it. I have cut over 10lbs of 16ga stainless steel rings and I am still on the first blade!

Lisa C.
Great product and customer service is excellent even for ‘difficult’ customers like myself. Solid construction and am I excited to see how long blades will last. Thanks!