• 0.010" Saw Blades

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  • Description

    Our custom made Ringinator® brand saw blades. 

    1.5" OD x 0.5" ID x 0.010" thick

    Choose between standard (140 teeth @ 30TPI), and extra fine (188 teeth @ 40TPI).

    Made in the USA, High Speed Steel Saw blades.
    Can be used to cut any metal. For thin material (0.035"/0.8mm and smaller) 188 tooth blades work best.
    For details and speeds, please see the "Info" page. 


    SOLD OUT - Next batch ships February 2024.

    You can still place an order and reserve your blades. But they will not ship until February 2024

  • 0.010" Saw Blades
  • 0.010" Saw Blades
  • 0.010" Saw Blades

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